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100112156 Lead Free Isolation Valves & Pressure Relief Valve (TK-IV-01-AB)

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In Stock

The 100112156 Lead Free Isolation Valves & Pressure Relief Valves are used to isolate a unit for service. The Pressure Relief Valve is to help protect the unit and release if the pressure in the tankless water heater or hot water system exceeds 150 psi and up to 200,000 BTUs. For 3/4" water lines. (1953 Compliant)

For Use with the following models:

TK-110C-NI, TK-310C-NI, TK-510C-NI, T-KJr2/U, T-K4/U, T-D2/U, T-H3M, T-H3J, T-H3S, T-H3

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